The new dawn for renewables sector

Published by Greenslade Taylor Hunt on 21st January 2020 -


As we focus on Big Energy Savings Awareness this week, read more from GTH about the growing demand for suitable sites for solar and other technologies from overseas and UK investors.   Click to read more here   '

Graham Ford

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19th September 2020
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Responsible Investing
The sole pursuit of profit is no longer the unique objective of investors and lenders. In fact, nor is it the case for business owners either. In a capitalist society generating profits is crucial in order to allow economies to grow and populations to flourish and prosper. However, it is pleasing to note a growing trend towards what has become known as, “Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)” “Ethical Investing” or “Sustainability investment.”
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Our top 5 tips for Big Energy Savings Week
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