Our top 5 tips for Big Energy Savings Week

Published by The Landsite on 22nd January 2020 -


It is Big Energy Saving Week and here at The Landsite we’ve come up with 5 useful and (we think) simple suggestions for you to save on your current office energy consumption :

1. Invest and upgrade your devices. This includes all your office equipment and appliances such as computers to printers to kettles.  It’s expensive initially but the benefits are a longer term energy saving.  Older models are far less energy efficient.

2. Control heating and air conditioning.  Opening or closing windows as a way to control temperature saves more energy than you could imagine.  Air conditioning alone is one of the biggest drains on energy.  Feeling chilly? Bring an extra layer of clothing to the office.

3. Switch to daylight.  If you are able to, open blinds and allow natural day light in instead of switching on artificial lights, you’ll cut your energy bills significantly.

4. Talk about it.  Spread the word on energy savings to your colleagues at work.  Even the smallest changes can make a difference.

5. Turn all equipment off.   At the end of the day, don’t forget to switch off all your office equipment every day.

It’s worth considering this; air conditioning, office lighting and PC’s make up 66% of costs in running a typical size office.  

21st January 2020
The new dawn for renewables sector

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